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there, we start an investigation on these houses. >> officer justin ryan: this car just left the house that we've been watching. suspected narcotics activity at the house, so we're going to stop the car and see what's going on, and see who's driving. ( garbled radio transmission ) >> ryan: control 901. 47 nevada. that same nevada plate. ( garbled radio transmission ) ( siren chirps ) >> ryan: it is... it is 4-0. and we are in the 2400 block of ... street, and we pulled off behind an apartment. >> roberts: how you doing? do you have a driver's license? where are you headed, ma'am? >> i'm dropping them off and going home. >> roberts: okay. where does he live? right here? >> i'm dropping off there. you know what? i lost my license, so, um, i have to get another one, so i'm waiting for my birth certificate to come in, 'cause i just moved in town. >> ryan: can you roll down your window, please? sir, do you have any i.d.? can i see it, please? and, ma'am, in the passenger's seat, can i see your i.d., also? >> i have nothing with me but my keys. >> ryan: okay. thank you. you're all right. rel
, the height of ryan mallett has no trouble finding him and a big play for d.j. williams. >> brad: first and goal, arkansas trying to regain it is lead. broderick green, lost the ball. who's got it. flags down. a fumble. >> todd: boy, that looked bad. >> brad: real bad. >> todd: that was a bad exchange between mallett and broderick green. >> brad: the officials are getting a workout tonight, aren't they? >> referee: offside, on the defense, number 95. half the distance to the goal. remains first down. >> brad: jeff owens should have his nose where the football is. it's half the distance to the goal to the 1. where it's first and goal there. jeff, the senior, battled back, injured his knee in the opener. just eight plays into last year's first game. here's green this time. i don't think so. >> todd: nope. >> brad: let's check in with erin. >> erin: when ryan mallett threw last touchdown pass to childs, willie martinez of georgia pulled his secondary aside and just basically told them, all they have right now are grenades, he's throwing down the field, that's it. that's all they have. just
by blair wallish is up and good. georgia struck again through the air and between ryan mallett and joe cox, it's anything you can do i can do better and a.j. green picked off another in the corner of the end zone. joe cox to number eight, 28 yards, dogs score again. >> brad: well, s.e.c. on espn, that young man has just joined a pretty good group, five touchdown passes in a game ties matt stafford against gentleman tech last year, shockley in 2007 and green against lsu in 2004. as the now-four quarterbacks in dogs history that have thrown five touchdown passes in a single game. you know that jury being out about joe cox we talked about with erin in the open? >> todd: yeah. >> brad: i think it's over with. >> todd: send them home. >> brad: send them all home. >> tim: he has been outstanding tonight. such a well-liked guy, well-represented and really performing tonight. >> brad: there is the kick. johnson, going to let it bounce, and this one goes out of bounds, too. wow, you just can't do that, 40 yard line again for arkansas after we check in with rece. >> a lot of scoring elsewhere in the
pull somebody directly out of the tub of water her body has to be wet. ryan's story doesn't fit. >> accident or murder? a young husband is arrested and charged. >> i would not hurt her. >> we know without a doubt that ryan did not do this. >> what happened in the master bedroom "behind closed doors?" captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good evening and welcome to "dateline." i'm hoda kotb in for ann cur pep they were the picture of a modern marriage, she was the breadwinner and he took care of the children and it worked out just fine, but then there were rumors of an affair, fights over the kids and finally, an ugly divorce, the marriage was ending, but a crime even seasoned detectives would find hard tobl was just about to begin. here's keith morrison. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> his name was tim schuster and he was having a bad day, not that he'd say so himself. >> tim was pretty quiet. >> still, bad day, bad week. >> he was despondent after being laid off from st. agnes. >> that was on top of the daughter trouble. >> enough to want to have her relocated to missouri to get her
die bell on cal. >> sarah and ryan, picture-perfect newlyweds. >> very beautiful. every detail was planned and she was gorgeous. >> one night he was watching the game. she was taking a bath and then -- >> 911. what's your emergency? >> my wife -- she fell asleep in the bathtub. i came up here and she was face down. >> his new wife, dead. >> she had a seizure. >> the sudden unexplained drowning except for one strange thing, her body was dry. >> if you pull somebody directly out of e tub of water her body has to be wet. ryan's story doesn't fit. >> accident or murder? a young husband is arrested and charged. >> i would not hurt her. >> we know without a doubt that ryan did not do this. >> what happened in the master bedroom "behind closed doors?" captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good evening and welcome to "dateline." i'm hoda kotb in for anncur pep they were the picture of a modern marriage, she was the breadwinner and he took care of the children and it worked out just fine, but then there were rumors of an affair, fights over the kids and finally, an ugly divor
, they face the marlins on their home turf just five days after ryan zimmerman gave them a parting gift they will not soon forget.   >> bob: from our nation's capital, south florida, beaches aren't far away. nats-marlins getting ready at land shark stadium for the final series of the year between these ball clubs t seems like they get together just about every week. in fact, last week they did. bob carpenter, rob dibble. the marlins only five back of the phillies right now thanks to a little help the nats gave them last night. one of the wildest and most fun ballgames of the year. >> rob: it was. livan hernandez was outstanding. he did exactly what you would expect from livan hernandez while the nationals are playing spoiler here trying to beat the phillies as many times as they can, trying to beat the marlins, et cetera. last night he was in total control, total command of the strike zone answered earned his first nationals win since 2006. on the offensive side, it was a rookie ian desmond that did a ton of damage. you saw there driving in elijah dukes. then drove h
in november. and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist ryan phillips with yo weather channel forecast. ryan, good morning, and i hope this is not a sign of what's to come. >> no, we hope not, lynn, but it's not uncommon for snows to fall in the rockies this time of year. now the first day of fall. most of the country, though, feeling like summer still. nasty storms moving into the lower mississippi valley. but the good news this morning, starting to see the rain shutting down here across northern georgia into the atlanta metro area. most everything holding off to the north at this hour. first thing this morning, though, eastern north carolina, wilmington, and up towards raleigh, over to greenville. first thing this morning, few isolated showers and thunderstorms, could see one to two inches of rain there, but otherwise a cloudy start to the morning. 69 in atlanta and savannah, tallahassee waking up with temperatures into the mid-70s. lower 90s with storms, and some locatio here across the interior of florida, nashville storms and 81, 80 in atlanta with
. >> i was just thinking, is that a hit or an error? >> an error on the bat. later in the inning, ryan roberts gets struck out. hammel with the curveball. allowed three runs on four hits in the seven. and 10-4 colorado. >> got some bat speed. >> jason giambi, only his fourth career pinch hit home run. rockies needed this one, just their second win in seven games. as we mentioned the giants are getting too close for comfort. john garland on the mound for the dodgers, facing san fran in l.a. the first batter, guess who's out in left? mannywood. and there's no roof or no -- there's daylight, but -- yeah. >> do they have -- is that a roof? >> yeah. >> you know what? outdoor baseball might not help either. >> manny -- >> brad penny has been tremendous as a giant, 3-0. 1.64 since he left the red sox. bottom one, walks casey blake to load them up for former nationals great ronnie belliard. and don't throw him a grand slam ball. oh, they never listen. his ninth home run, 5-1 l.a., bottom one. >> penny has given up four runs in three starts and the giants gave up five runs in one inning in this
a first down. just like that, trying to get ryan mallett in the groove, bobby petrino, offensive told us we'll get him comfortable, that's the way you start. >> todd: they'll script first several plays and other guy they want to get involved is michael smith, he's one of their real go-to guys only four touches two weeks ago in their opening win and he's a big part of their offense >> referee: >> brad: 18 yards on that swing pass on bootleg. empty back field, mallett by himself, georgia bringing pressure. in and out hands of joe adam and immediately georgia trying to put some heat on number 15. let's look at arkansas' impact players. todd just menged a guy with over 1,000 yards rushing last year, more department this year. this guy will be involved toont, d.j. williams caught 61 a season ago and malcolm sheppard, two-time cap dan all-s.e.c. performer on the defensive front, number two tackler last year. second down and ten. dennis johnson now in the back field, he'll empty that back field over to the wing on the left side. mallett, throws, high and oh, johnson is hit the ball comes out an
. first of three against the phillies, on masn 2. with the nats on top 1-0. ryan howard flied out to right filed with two men aboard in the first inning, and that was the biggest out of the game for john lannan so far. >> rob: john continues to pound the fastball in and away. has got a good one tonight. t your secondary pitches. >> bob: and a bouncing ball. than pedro, with iuno3.%%a tough question. i wish i came up with that one. >> bob: jayson werth lined out to right bob gibson comes tomind. >> rob: i was going to say bob gibson, sandy koufax. >> bob: did koufax. i long enough to have 3,000 strikeouts, though? >> rob: well, i think carlton -- or was he just a little over 3. i was thinking about nolan. he had 5700 strikeouts, but he had an era over 3. >> bob: that's a good one. >> rob: that is a food one. that's a stumper. >> bob: and a 1-2 to werth. lannan pulled the string on him. 76 on the change-up. i love that xmo, because you can see how the bat is gone before the ball gets there. >> rob: and you also see the hitter, the bat head is out there, but his body is toward
the title of world's tallest cat. the now famous feline s plenty to purr about. >> here's ryan phillips from wtvj in miami with today's forecast. good morning, ryan. >> christina, good morning to you. a chance to dry out in the southeast. that's good news. though the flood warnings still continue in the atlanta area. this morning more showers building through the southeastern states. northeast yesterday, an increase in cloud cover. but we were able to stay dry. this morning, though, across the mid atlantic, an influx of moisture here. one to two inches possible again today. wilmington, myrtle beach, charleston, wet weather day ahead here in the mid atlantic states. clouds will be on the increase. fairly warm here in the northeast. mid to upper 60s for morning time temperatures. lower to middle 70s and muggy for more temperatures in the southeast. another morning and afternoon of storms in florida, central and south florida. but in the mid atlantic, mostly cloudy with highs in the lower 80s. that's a check of the regional forecast. now the forecast close to home. cleveland, ohio, good morning
and throw it in the dirt pitch. mock, lots of pitches. 67 for 3 innings. in the hole, 0-2. ryan got in the hole 0-2 last night before madson curved him up. ambulance,   last year, he made 31 start with the indians and won 24 of those starts. .254 e.r.a. led the league. nobody goes 22 and 3 any more. >> rob: he did. >>s that inside, 2-2. his career record 88 and 50. this is his 190th game, his 186th start. and cliff lee has pitched 12 13 games. 3 shut outs. that's a lot by today's standard. 2 for the phillies already. and zimmerman strikes out on a breaking ball. the nats are gone in the third. a lead off hit by maxwell he's stranded. the nats trail 3-1. that shirt before the deadline the name of found it's way the dotted line. was 11:59:50. before they pushed that button. of problems. lot of pitches he won't go that deep in the game. pitching away from contact tonight. hitting teams in the major league. that's obvious. riggleman. figure out what they trying to do. you pitch 3 breaking balls a row or 3 change-up or 3 off-speed pitches it's obvious that, tha
but the marins would be up 4-3 with nobody out and one on for ryan zimmerman from virginia beach. and there it goes. ryan zimmerman walk off my friend. your 28h home run of the year. that eight-game losing streak is history. nats win 5-4. how about demo taking on the rangers. two on, two out. that's the liner. marlin bird, the former nat, couldn't quite get it. that's going to go all the way to the wall. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame, we go to flushing meadows. kim cljisters taking on venus williams. she wins in three stets and moves on to the quarter -- sets and moves on to the quarter finals. she earns our 15 minutes of fame. >>> tiger woods at the deutch ya bank tournament. reaction says hey, i just won the masters because he just can't putt anymore. what's going on with tiger? who knows. oh, no. that's a big one. zips it out. he's two back at 11 under par. how about steve stricker. oh, stricker is going to like this one. that's on the par three 16th. out of the shadows and into the light. final round is tomorrow. do not go anywhere because when we return, more from kevin
to the super bowl champion steelers in yards allowed per game. gone are defensive coordinator rex ryan and linebacker bart scott, to name a few, who are now both with the new york jets. our blitz preseason countdown continuing today with a look at the ravens, a closer look now. and after a perfect preseason, whatever that means, the ravens open up their real season at home this sunday against the kansas city chiefs. let's face it, they have high expectations. and joining us now with a preview, we welcome in anita marks, sports talk show host of espn radio 105.7 "the fan" in baltimore. and anita, let's start with the guy that was a rookie a year ago, a sophomore now in joe flacko. he had that strong preseason, 40-61 passes. that's 65.6% if you got your calculator, 470 yards, one touchdown and all that on limited playing time some what kind of challenges does he face to avoid a sophomore slump? >> i think the biggest thing for joe, linda, is that he cannot try to live up to everyone else's expectations. i this -- think because of how well he did last season, we forget that he was a rooki
sees it is going to be close and he beats out an infield base hit.   . >> bob: ryan zimmerman, the nats need to get him restarted, won for his last 11.   phillies pitching was  remarkable in that three-game series.   in that series against the  phillies the nationals did not score a single run earlier than the seventh inning in any game. two of their three runs came in the ninth inning. ryan sitting on 29 home runs. 10-year veteran. >> tim: minutes has the plate tonight with mark wegner, rick reed, the crew chief, and jeff kellogg on the bases. >> rob: you talk about good times, bad times, two starts ago against the cubs, his last start against the phillies, 6 innings, 10 hits, 8 runs, three home runs. . >> bob: zimmerman drives it to right. that ball is really well hit and it is over the orange line. >> rob: number 30. >> bob: there is number 30 for ryan zimmerman.   . >> rob: come on, throw it b we want it. >> bob: no disputed home run this time at citi field. and it's two for the nats in
gets home. out at the plate. the throw by ryan raburn. laporta out. by several steps. he was hurt on the play and would have to leave the game. top of the third, here's raburn. how about raburn? after the defensive throw, shows the offense. throws one out of the yard. tigers had a 1-0 lead. raburn, his 14th. miguel cabrera an up-and-down night. lines it off jhonny peralta's glove but asdrubal peralta fields it and gets the out at second. cabrera left five runners on through six. cabrera in the eighth, that's a double to deep left. he's going to drive somebody home. it's placido polanco. the tigers have a 2-0 lead and a very important game for detroit. it's 3-1 in the bottom of the eighth. tigers and bases loaded and two down. and brandon lyon gets luis valbuena swinging so the tigers do hang on to win 3-1 in cleveland. >>> important win for them. twins only 2 1/2 back. they got four games in detroit next week. jeff manship getting the start. crucial spot. down three because of that win right there. there's orlando cabrera. turning on john danks. two-run shot. his eighth of the yea
-handers. >> rob: the difference between wright and ryan zimmerman's power, zimmerman was able to hit it farther down the right field line with authority and he hit it out of here and, as you said, david wright hits it into that motel canyon. there is the home run by zimmerman right there on that plunge in the corner. and that modell's in the bullpen, those balls at right just go to die. >> bob: yeah, at best, a double.   . >> rob: but you're right. >> bob: you know, but if the mets want to be last in the major leagues in home runs every year they certainly built the ball park for it >> rob: well, if you're going to build a pitcher's type park -- there's howard johnson the hitting instructor, wore me out when we played against each other -- a big 3030 guy, build a pitcher's ball park. go down pitching. they went out and got a few guys in the bullpen but you got to get some better pitching next year. >> bob: 1-1 to beltran who singled his first time up >> rob: remind he of st. louis in the '80s, got a lot of speed but got to get some pitching in here too. 
's meteorologist ryan phillips from wtvj miami with today's forecast. good morning, ryan. as if the antlers didn't make the elk dangerous enough. >> reporter: throw in a little barbed wire and there you go. here in the east we've got a changeable weather pattern in place. nice cooldown in the east. southeastern states drying out. but the wet weather focus will shift to the middle mississippi valley on into the northern gulf coast states. high pressure, which has brought in wonderful weather in the northeast, starting to retreat. rain in the northeast but most will push offshore by the time we get things going. not looking for much in the way of travel delays across the mid atlantic or northeastern states today. still muggy in the southeast. 71 in atlanta. 74 in savannah. 70 right now in the big apple. overall today, we are going to see more clouds around and still very muggy in the southeast but dry after the massive flooding we've had in northern georgia near atlanta. 84 today and partly cloudy skies. 84, early morning showers in new york. and detroit and chicago looking very nice. partly cloud
for optimism. ryan owens is in tejunga, california. tonight t firefighters brought out a jumbo jet that dropped more than 20,000 gallons of fire retardant on the stubborn station fire north of los angeles. while the air show is impressive, the grind of this frustrating firefight goes on in the steep ridges and canyons below. they are dotted with homes. >> we are the infantry. we go -- we go into the hottest parts and do what we can. >> shane paxton is the leader of what's called a hot shot crew. 22 men from the forest service brought in to help from tennessee. >> there are homes very close to us. how much danger are they in right now? >> a lot. >> you have houses right in the brush as you can see. it's all going to burn. the potential for it. you flflames and thohose homes didirt road. that's i it. firefighters stand guard on the road and wait for the fire's next move. >> we can't really predict which way it will go. it's going in ten different directions. >> the dirt road may not seem like much of a strategy but it's all these firefighters have. >> none of the fire crews arenese mountains beca
forward to the fourth quarter. tech down 27-17. ryan williams going down the sideline, dives for the pile and -- is he in or out? they had to review it but he was in making it 27-24. two touchdown in the game. alabama answers. just a couple minutes later greg mcilroy hits mark ingram and that'ses it for alabama. ingram had a career day with 150 rushing yards and two touchdowns and alabama wins, 34-24. >>> talking redskins now. the skins added five players to their practice squad including a local guy. the fairfax native played college ball at jmu and chase daniel was not added to the practice squad but it looks like he's headed to new orleans to be on the saints practice squad. the redskins still have three practice squad openings. they are interested in andre woodson who was released by the giants. >>> talking baseball. what a good day it was. ryan zimmerman made sure everybody at national's park went home happy. his walk-off home run put the nats in the win column for the first time in a week and a half, down 2-0 with bases loaded for michael morris. right up the middle. elijah dukes s
. that made last night's inning a game-ending double play so unusual. ryan howard only hit into nine double plays all year before ron villone got him. >> rob: that was as well played a double play as you can have. the rookie shortstop. a very young shortstop second baseman in gonzalez. a great feed. he stayed at home at second base. then, you have mike morris who was put in there for defensive purposes an inning before. so, nicely done by all. >> bob: well, chase utley was all over ian desmond. >> rob: he was pretty much mugging, he and desmond. checking for his wallet. >> bob: phillies tied the game there, the air would have gone out of the ballpark. i wouldn't have been surprised if they had gone on to win the thing. that's a great slider. uggla drops his bat. he'll walk away slowly. j.d. martin with list third strikeout. >> rob: j.d., 0-2 right here instead of maybe wasting a pitch wastes no time in hitting the black with a slider. a thing of beauty right there when the guy just looks at it and drops his bat. >> bob: cody ross popped out to adam dunn first time. john baker has not attemp
. there's ryan clark in the backfield and clark between the tackles out to the 47 yard lineup. >> bob: west virginia, some big mistakes. to the mixed extra point. the interception by jarrett brown and they were just steam rolling him. all burn hang around claw back in it, even the football game. >> mark: this game has a lot of swings in momentum. ryan clarke the fullback. they call him jbrizzle. >> matthew stafford, knowshon moreno. cox to green. a shootout. regardless, 49-41 with about seven to play in the fourth. that over on espn and s.e.c. update, alabama wins big, dan mullen gets his first win in the s.e.c. >> mark: all right, brown hands it off to devine. did well to get a short gain on the play. picked up one and, boy, what a crazy day this has been so far. started off with the torrential downpour right around the time we were supposed to kick oil off, maybe 15 minutes before kickoff and tried to empty out the stadium. told the fans they had evacuate. ted a couple of lightning spottings and they brought the times back out and west virginia came out like a couple of bolts of lig
. and with an assist from the cubs' outfield, brendan ryan delivering two moments chicago would like to forget. >> i'm rachel nichols at the meadowlands. coming up on "sportscenter," i'll tell you what would make jets linebacker bart sco (kara) when my dry contacts bother me, i just can't go on with my day. l the rubbing, the blinking, the drops. my doctor told me that only acuvue® oasys™ has hydraclear® plus. so the lens stays moist. wow. it feels like it disappeared on my eye. (announcer) don't wait. enjoy the all day comfort of acuvue® oasys™ today - even if you have astigmatism. just go to for a free trial pair certificate. and now's the best time to try because we're extending our best savings ever on acuvue® oasys™. but only for a limited time. so hurry. go to today. >> welcome back to "sportscenter." let's hop aboard the "college football express." north texas battling number four alabama. second quarter, bama with the ball and the lead, up 21-0. greg mcelroy drops it off to mark ingram, who does the rest, 29 yards to the house. alabama hangin
-market approach and won't cost the american taxpayers. . mr. ryan: i had an interesting conversation with someone the other day, they're in your district, congressman, and, you know, they do a lot of defense work, a lot of work with the military. but i asked the guy, what portion of your employers work on these kinds of green technologies? he said, half of their workers are employed, the engineers and other workers, on the issues of cleaning up the air. the scrubbers, the technology that goes into power plants and other facilities to help clean some of the poison out of the air that was causing all kinds of health problems. there are industries that pop up to clean the air. this is -- these are economic development opportunities. now, that $750 billion that goes abroad will come back to the united states, they will -- the money will be invested into wind mills, solar panels, batteries, new autos, all kinds of different things. we were in kent the other day. they're making a liquid crystal technology that's film on windows that darkens when the sun comes out to keep the house cool in the summer be
-god. the defense leading the charge for rex ryan's roar. plus we get set for peyton manning to go to south florida and take on the dolphins. primetime has it all right now. captioning provided by espn, inc. >>> hi, everybody. welcome in to "nfl primetime." so glad you are hanging out with us. trey wingo. trent dilfer is here. and merril hoge is here as well. >> don't like the welcome i just got. >> welcome, merril. it is really an honor sharing oxygen with you. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> and not an ego at all. coming up tonight on "monday night football," the colts not involving merril, going for the 11th straight regular season win in miami. let's get you set for the very latest in what's going on with both teams with the team reports. we say hello to michele tafoya. >> hi, trey. peyton manning is going to have to deal with something he hasn't had to deal with in years. that's uncertainty at wide receiver. anthony gonzalez is out injured, out two to six weeks. he will rely heavily on pro bowler reggie wayne and tight end dallas clark. manning is going to have to integrate two young play
sanchez and weeb ryan. do you ever remember seeing the patriots looking as lost as they did yesterday? credit to kerry rhodes and rex ryan or blame to the pats? >> this is about rex ryan. this is the best story in the nfl right now. you know the giants have always ruled new york and they are still a real god franchis good . the fans are finally in it. he is calling season ticket holders and giving them a game ball. i never heard of that. and the defense was good coming in but they tweaked it. >> this is all about -- >> against new england and houston. >> i said this last week, there is something wrong with new england. the patriots are not the same. tom brady 41 passer rating on third down.ç 48 in the red zone. he was not çsacked, he was hurried but not really touched. he had time to make plays. he didn't make plays. i watched that game. he had every chance toç winç game and defensively they miss mayo up the middle. they really miss seymour. defensively sanchez a 110 passer rating against them. something is wrong in new england. the jets are a great team. new england is not th
closer. >> the cats opening up the preseason in dramatic action. ryan zimmerman makes a gold glove worthy catch. it's swee >>> the suspect is behind bars but police aren't taking about a motive in the death of the yale graduate student annie le. raymond clark was arrested and charnled with her murder. he was in court this afternoon and held on $3 million bond. he killed her and stuffed her body in a wall in a research building where they both worked. police aren't saying anything about motive. yale's president says there was nothing in clark's work history to raise red flags. >> it says more about the dark side of the human soul than anything else. >> we are learning that police began following clark on saturday, a day before they found le's body. clark was always the prime suspect. >>> police say a college student in baltimore did not intend to kill an intruder with a sword. earlier this week, they say the intruder lunged at the student inside the garage of his house tuesday. the student picked up the swort when he heard the intruder. he was killed at the scene. that student had not bn c
.m., and former head coach, eric mangini. jets rookie head coach rex ryan came to new york with a regal first name. translated from latin rex means king. but in the telephone informal no one is king without the ring. and ryan's realm, the lord of the rings is new england's bill belichick. ryan though has no intentions of kissing that king's ring. no, the man who would be king had another message for the pats. kiss off. rachel nichols reports. >> rex ryan says he think it is patriots have the best coach in the nfl. but he is still not backing down from his previous statement that he's, quote, not here to kiss bill belichick's ring. >> the thing is i'm not here to kiss anyone. we're going to play. we're not conceding anything from a team standpoint. i'll concede he's a better coach than me, but that's it. people think, that you know, new england, wow, that's a win for them. oh yeah? >> this is the patriots. it ain't like this isn't jesus walking on the field. yeah, they've done some great things in the past,but this is 2009. now, anybody there is upset for me for what i'm saying, then they know wher
, the gentleman from ohio, mr. ryan, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. mr. ryan: thank you, mr. speaker. we have -- this is our traditional 30-something hour, we'll be talking about health care and try to rebut some of the claims that have been made here tonight. but before we do this, we have had a -- several situations going on in the pacific and we wanted to yield as much time as the gentlelady from guam may consume to talk about the circumstances that are going on in her district. i will gladly yield to ms. bordallo. ms. bordallo: mr. speaker, thank you very musm i want to thank the gentleman from ohio for giving me some time to discuss the very serious disaster that just happened in one of the u.s. territories in the pacific. i come to the house floor this evening in the wake of a tsunami that struck yesterday on the shores of the samoan islands, resulting from an earthquake centered in the tonga trench of the pacific ocean. the epicenter of this earthquake is estimated to be about 120 miles south of the islands of independent or western samoa and american s
-enter the draft in 2010. earlier this morning jets' coach rex ryan said the allegations are ridiculous. our insider adam schefter has more on this story as we speak. he's getting miced up. meanwhile, matt hasselbeck has suffered a fractured rib according to a league source, unclear whether he'll be sidelined in the seahawks' next game, which is against the bears next sunday. chris: well, it's monday and merrill hoge is with us each and every monday. >> hello, chris. josh: the giants were in town in dallas, neither team up much at any point and a game-winning field goal made twice. let's get to it. there it is, the $1.1 billion home. >> and over 100,000 people, good friends of jerry jones', come on over. chris: 105,000, roger goodell, george w. bush, a former president in the house, and lebron james. but you know what? when 105,000 boo, merrill, it's loud. >> i know! and if you don't like watching it on the field, just watch it over the screen. you can tell the giants are adjusting. they know what tony's going to do. they feel like they got to get to something different. they didn't expect j
crowe singles in matt la porta, or does he? you are out! watch it again. great effort there by ryan rayburn, the throw and gerald laird with the nice tag. all right. edwin jackson has not been good since the all-star break. so this is a good sign the 26-year-old has gone over 200 innings. maybe he's got a second wind now. six innings, no earned runs. miguel cabrera, career high .331 average this year, 400 on base guy, 93 r.b.i.'s. he's 26 years old. he's an elite player. brandon lyon. the tigers, they hold on, jackson's 4-0 against the indians this year and went seven scoreless. chris: so how about the twins coming in having won 7-8 trying to make a charge on those tigers, taking on the white sox with a rookie on the mound, jeff manship. gordon beckham takes him, bottom of the third, deep for a two-run shot. manship lasted just 2 1/3, giving up four runs and five heights. top five, though, we're -- in five hits. top five, though, we're with a runner on first, joe mauer lines one to right center. scott podsednik gives it a dive but doesn't make the catch and cabrera coming around fro
of ryan o'neal at the wake. the final viewing of farrah fawcett. beautiful blond comes up and kisses him, hello, ryan, and he tries to put the squeeze on her and said, what are you doing after the wake? me and you, we've got the urge to merge. she said, ryan, it's me, tatum, your daughter. come on, wake up, america! he admitted this, ryan. >> there's a big difference between that story and this story. >> there's no difference. these guys believe in this come live and let live, laissez faire. and what she father said was, oh, you've got to accept the fact that this is the kind of a lifestyle you live. are you crazy? >> jane, i've got to get in here. jane -- >> hold on. let's see the panel. let's see the panel. mark eiglarsh. >> thank you, jane. first of all, you've got dale archer saying bravo. you've got sliwa convicting him already. let me explain something, the only thing we know for sure is none of us will ever know for sure whether this really happened. that's number one. and number two, as i tell my jurors, when i'm raising questions about someone's credibility, there's a difference
. the cardinals with a 3-2 won and then yesterday it was brendan ryan against marmol, a base hit and that broke a 1-1 tie. mark derosa scored and the cardinals with a 2-1 victory and now sunday night baseball, the last time the cardinals had three consecutive so-called walk-off wins was 9 years ago. at the beginning of september against the mets and, of course, the mets that year ended up in the world series, the subway series against the yankees. but for 3 days in the beginning of september, you wouldn't have thought so. maybe you recall. >> steve: i do those days. and the mets with the september swoon. and you saw marshall. coming out of the bullpen, as they added depth to the rotation. and lou piniella has call on him quite a bit this year. the left-handed batter and can get the right-handers out, as well. >> joe: and the cubs, it hasn't been the pitching. the earned run average last year, 3.87 and 3.89 at the start of the day so they have pitched well enough to win. just haven't hit with runners in scoring position. so it's more the offense than it is the pitching. >> jon: and a lot of key
-dollar man. another bright spot on the defense was player ryan a rap 0. number 98 picking up his first nfl sack in the 3rd quarter to stop a lions driver he had four tackles on the day. >>> our geico 15 minutes of fame takes us to baltimore. the ravens hosting the browns. joe flacco throws for derrick mason who retired during the offseason and decided to come back. good decision. look the 35-year-old. he still has some pretty nasty moves. mason goes 75 yards for the explore. 5 catches for a hundred. 18 yards in the ravens 44-3 win. >>> it's time for our second break. when we return michael vick returns to the football field for the first time since 2006. we will show you some of his welcome backto nfl moments in today's eagles game. geico sports extra will return in two minutes and 5 seconds. welcome to sprint's now network. population: 49 million. right now, 25,000 sprint nfl mobile live users are listening to live gameday audio. 600 are listening at the game. 2,900 fantasy owners conveniently waited until now to text their opponent their star player has a bye week. - good game. - and 1
the head coaches and key players. rex ryan. let's talk about the philadelphia eagles team well in control. trainers appeared to be checking out his ribs or lower back. compare the eagles with donovan mcnabb to the eagles without donovan mcnabb. >> this team is an explosive team with him. he can run outside the pock sxet make it happen with his leg, like the play when he was injured. he has a great cannon arm to find receivers in the middle of the football field. so many weapons. this team is not the same without him because they don't have the versatility as with him there. >> at least now michael vick is available in week three. we need to wait and see what andy reid and donovan mcnabb will have to say. we will bring the news conferences right here. and an incredible finish between the bengals and broncos. cincinnati grabs a lead late in the sixth. kyle orton, and pass tipped in the air. and e.a., take us through this, how on earth did the bengals lose this game? >> what an incredible head's up play by stokley. tipped and overthrow. that is what we teach, tips and overthrows have to be d
the 8 ball. that hurt their qualifying efforts. i talked to ryan bpemberton. he said we have a lot of work to do. we think we have the fuel pressure issue cured now but right now we have to work on our speed and getting up to par. >> one heroics for this 83 team to be able to get in the chase. we talked about the chase-saving maneuver, changing an axle on pit road in atlanta. this team had gone to tracks where they have not been very good in the past and not very good average finishes and somehow they have been able to throw history away and get it done here in 2009. >> looks like they're going to need to do it again. as you look down the bottom, 26.3 average for brian vickers. he will definitely have to pick that up. >> i think you have to throw that out the window because this is especially with brian vickers case, this is a race team that keeps getting better as they good more time with each other. >> you saw montoya above vickers, an average 22nd finishing position on one-mile racetracks. hard to believe this car that has been this good now can be that poor on a one-mile track.
be a much needed bye week. michael turner, and jerious norwood and matt ryan. what do you see coming up in week three? >> i think it's how they match up against the patriots offense. to understand the falcons, they are one of the teams that brings the least amount of pressures in the nfl. they rely upon a four-man rush and a lot of cover schemes to stop the passing game. typically, this is what the new england patriots feast on. it will be very interesting if the atlanta falcons, tim, can continue to play the style of defense to stop the patriots when the jets have so much success pressuring tom brady. >> especially when you look at that front for the atlanta falcons. they're doing a good job of winning the individual battles. the patriots are not doing a good job of individual battles. i'm going to take it 0 the offensive side of the ball say that matt ryan's chemistry, with tony gonzalez, he's done a good job of getting tony gonzalez in the red zone, but also getting gonzalez the ball when these covered. and throw it away from the defender. gonzalez does a nice job of using his body t
with ryan mack, a financial planner and our susan lisovicz, a longtime wall street watcher. you can see president obama's address from federal hall on wall street live next hour, 12:10 eastern time, cnn thursday a year after the collapse of lehman brothers and the worldwide economic collapse. anderson coop somewhere ali velshi look at whether the bailout worked and explore how the country's moving forward a cnn month money summit special, 11:00 eastern on cnn. >>> the so-called gang of six is meet on capitol hill, trying to define the senate's health care reform bill. we will take you there live. now let's take you to wall street for a look at the big board. as you can see, the dow down 12 points. we will be following these numbers throughout the day for you right here in the "cnn newsroom." >>> talk about too much of a good thing, especially in northern texas around dallas area. these women had to be rescued a lot of swift water rescue teams out in full force yesterday and saturday with heavy rains falling across not only dallas and ft. worth and arlington, but also across parts of aus
, st. louis on "sunday night baseball." bottom ninth, tied at 3-3. bases loaded. ryan ludwick with a grounder to sec. theriot's throw pulls skip off the bag. hold on. the umpires telling the players to head back to the dugout. matt holliday throwing his helmet in disgust. here's why. holliday was too far away from the bag while attempting to break up the double play. interference. double play called. the game going into extra innings. in the 11th, tied at 3-3. not anymore. jake fox, just his second extra-base hit this month. the cubbies avoid the sweep, 6-3 the final. >>> for more on sports in the windy city log on to the bears win over the super bowl champs plus the cubs in st. louis. you might think this fella won a contest or something. no, apparently he's just high on life. >> plus this -- >> the ballgame is over and washington, in the system. are you kidding me? it's thrown and it is caught! - ( "super freak" by rick james playing ) - it's pretty amazing how one click of a mouse can make you move... groove, bust it, shake it, get down, - ♪ she's a super
shape the identity of this jets football team e. a., but so, too, is rex ryan. top to bottom such a strong performance by the jets today. >> we were talking about with these teams that are winning are balance. being able to throw the ball. special teams. jets showed today that had all those factors working today. i think ryan's done a fantastic job. defense, that were flying around today creating turnovers. then the young kid at quarterback sanchez made it happen. 107 yards with the running game. jets, again, these are the teams that you look to that at the end of the season, they're playing like this. >> numbers that jump out at you are right there. andre johnson 4 catches, 35 yards. that's a pedestrian day for one of the great receivers in this league. then slaton 9 carries, 17 yards. rex ryan flying high with the jets. >> we're 1-0. that's where we expected to be. we knew it would be tough sledding against a good football team. but our guys were up to the task. offensive line, i think, played outstanding, you know? i don't think we gave up a sack all day. thought the kid d
of the day, ryan zimmerman going after the foul ball. look out, zimm, here comes the tarp. up and over, makes the catch. that is a gold glove play by ryan zimmerman. >>> sportsmen story of the deck, the cadets from vmi and the rotc cadets from james madison are marching from boxing tend to harrisonburg to present the game ball. they are carrying the football with them. that is what makes college football so special. college football, traditions are hard to beat. big weekend coming up in college football. >> i hope they have new shoes g for them. them. $5 for the sub, huh? what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc. this is fabulous! new kentucky grilled chicken! marinated and grilled to perfection... for that five-star, fall-off-the-bone taste. mix original and grilled in your bucket! taste the unfried si of kfc. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. the washington post calls bob
's a first the coach calling -- >> this is rex ryan the head coach of the new york jets, you know i've already admitted i think the patriots have a better head coach and better quarterback than us. >> and the really big first football in a latter day palace of very si/man cave with the mother of all low-hanging flat screens, opening night in the pleasure dome that will have everyone trying to keep up with the joneses. >> ahh, yes, jerry jones unveils his billion-dollar baby tonight primetime with over 100,000 fans expected on the premises as the cowboys host nair nfc east rival giants. the last time they unveiled some new digs it worked out pretty we well in 1971 they won every home game at texas stadium on their way to their first super bowl title for more on their supersized new home here's ed werder. >> jerry jones hopes to facilities will provide tangible advantages. attendance expected to surpass 100,000. might be the largest in nfl history and should cause problems for giants quarterback eli manning making the hearing the snap count difficult especially when he's in the shotgu
's ryan phillips from wtvj miami with the weather forecast. >> good morning to you. we have nice weather in store for the upcoming weekend. still locations in the country that remain unsettled. overall weather pattern all week long hasn't changeded that much. rains south and east not moving all that much. the northeast wille mighty fine. the southeast, a chance to dry out. out across the mississippi valley, still more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. here to the mid atlantic, at least first thing this morning, some showers and thunderstorms down towards d.c., extending back to west virginia, western virginia, norfolk and virginia beach. that's where most of the active weather is. 56 in detroit. 59 in boston. this morning in new york. up to about 72 in the big apple. 86 with storms in charlotte. plenty of heat and humidity with highs into the lower 90s. that's a check of the forecast across the region. now a look at the weather close to home. portland, maine, 61 degrees. fall certainly settling in for the weekend. ibdy, 76 and showers. columbus, ohio, mostly showers, cloudy, and
it up but he got it to ryan houston right in full stride and houston goes forward for nine yards. >> ray: you mentioned john shoop at the age of 31, was the offensive coordinator for the chicago bears. the youngest ever in the national football league. >> pam: that's him on the right with the carolina hat. you got to like this drive. he'll draw something back with we come back. on a road trip i map out the cheapest gas stations so i can save a few bucks, we can spend it on dog food, bags of it so we use a credit card that gives us cash back. it's always good to buy only solid colored wrapping paper, it's good for every occasion like a new snow blower, i got it off season, half price, it's a man machine, it's aggressive (announcer) at citi, we know everyone's talking about spending smarter. and we've got lots of ways to help. like credit cards with cash back. because we all have to spend, so let's be smart about it. that's why citi never sleeps. be a watercraft engineer? where can a doctor serve his community while also treating patients around the world? where can a student stay in schoo
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